Leading research collaborations on chronic diseases


Calls for proposals

GACD members issue joint calls for proposals on a regular basis on topics in our strategic focus areas. By funding world-class research, the GACD aims to contribute to the evidence base that helps policymakers make informed decisions on addressing NCDs in areas around the world where the need is greatest. Therefore, the GACD funds implementation science research in low- and middle-income countries and involving vulnerable populations in high-income countries. 

Open calls

Closed calls

Funded research

GACD member agencies have funded research projects from around the world. You can find out more about our funded research here.

Other funding opportunities

GACD member agencies also award funding for other areas of chronic disease research as well as for health research in general separately and researchers are invited to apply for these funds directly with the respective funding agencies. Please see below for a list of direct links to our members' websites advertising current funding opportunities.