Project 7

A smartphone-based clinical decision support system for primary health care workers in rural India

Project 7

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National Health and Medical Research Council


Hypertension related disease affected 118 million people in India in the year 2000; this figure will double by 2025. Our studies in rural India have found that 1 in 4 adults have hypertension and a minority are achieving adequate blood pressure (BP) control. The current health system infrastructure is grossly under-resourced to meet these gaps in care and innovative solutions are needed. In this research, we aim to bridge the implementation gap in BP control for individuals at high cardiovascular risk through an innovative, multifaceted primary healthcare worker intervention utilising a tablet based clinical decision support system (CDSS). This intervention will be developed, pilot tested and then implemented as a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial in 45 villages in rural Andhra Pradesh, India. The entire programme will be evaluated using a mixed methods approach. The findings are likely to inform policy on a scalable strategy to overcome entrenched inequities in access to effective health care for underserved populations in low and middle income country (LMIC) settings.