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Hypertension Research Programme - HT07

A smartphone-based clinical decision support system for primary health

Project location: India

Project duration: 2012 - 2015

Funding organisation

HT07 project video

Primary research aim

To test whether an electronic clinical decision support system will assist non-physician health workers and doctors in making evidence-based management decisions to lower their patients’ CVD risks.

Research objectives and methodology

The two specific objectives of this project are:

  • To develop a multifaceted primary healthcare worker intervention that utilises a mobile device-based clinical decision support system to improve optimal BP control in high risk individuals.
  • To evaluate this program utilising a mixed methods evaluation in a cluster randomised trial involving 54 villages in rural Andhra Pradesh.

The intervention is being evaluated using a stepped- wedge cluster randomised, controlled trial (cRCT) of two years duration.

Current status

  • Development of the overall intervention with final refinements complete.
  • Baseline complete household data collection conducted by trained interviewers in all 54 villages. Around 62,000 individuals aged 40 years and above interviewed. Almost 12,000 subjects detected to be at high CVD risk.
  • Randomisation of the PHCs for intervention over 3 time intervals complete.
  • Study is in the first six months of control phase.
  • The first set of 6 PHC's started receiving intervention from early December 2014.

Project contact: Dr D Praveen - dpraveen [at] georgeinstitute.org.in



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