GACD Scale Up Call


Call for applications

The fifth call for applications under the GACD banner focuses on scaling-up evidence-based interventions at the population level for the prevention or management of hypertension and/or diabetes.

Call text

The members of the GACD have agreed a common call text. However please note that some funders may have specific requirements in terms of scope and eligibility. Please refer to the funding agency specific information below or the respective agency’s website.

Please find specific call text for the call here
GACD Scale up call text (PDF)

Call deadline

The call deadline is 10th September 2018 – 1600 BST. Argentina’s MINCyT and Canada’s CIHR agencies will be also be holding preliminary registration call phases. Please refer to their agency specific information below for more information.


The GACD member agencies that will be funding research programmes under this call are detailed below. Some funders will be accepting applications through a common submission portal, which is intended to make the application experience more consistent and straightforward. Applicants will still need to choose the funding agency they are applying with, as funds will not be pooled across agencies.

Funding agency specific information

CIHR IDRC Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
NHMRC NHMRC (Australia)
UKMRC (UK – agency specific information will be available shortly)

Two webinars will take place on the 8th May at 9:30-11am and 6-7:30pm (UK time).
Following these dates, links to recordings of the webinars and slides will be available here

Note to all applicants

Please note the following:

GACD Research Network

The GACD aims to coordinate research on chronic diseases at a global level in order to enhance knowledge exchange across individual projects, and to better understand the impact of socio-economic, cultural, geopolitical and policy factors on the effectiveness and scalability of interventions, so as to appropriately adapt health interventions to different geographical, economic and cultural settings. Research under GACD involves regular exchange of research findings and information across participating projects by means of cross-project working groups and annual joint meetings.

Applicants must budget for the costs of having two team members participate in one annual face-to-face meeting of the GACD Research Network (location to vary annually). Attendance at this meeting is mandatory for 2 team members, with at least one participant from the LMIC team where relevant. Teams are strongly encouraged to include one junior team member in each annual meeting.

Common indicators

The GACD funding agencies aim to harmonise the research and outcomes assessment of GACD funded projects in order to maximise the potential for learning across the network and the impact of the initiative as a whole. To this end:

• All funded teams are expected to use explicit indicators and measures of project context, reach, outcomes evaluation and scale-up potential in their plans and protocols;
• All teams should include Implementation Research outcomes (e.g. feasibility, fidelity and/or adaptation, spread and/or penetration, acceptability, sustainability, uptake, and cost effectiveness) and where relevant, include Service outcomes: (e.g. Efficiency, Safety, Effectiveness, Equity, Patient-centeredness, Timeliness);
• At the first GACD network meeting for the Scale-up grantees we will agree upon a common set of implementation and outcome indicators to employ across all projects, as well as set of additional indicators that may be used by groups of similar types of projects.

Implementation research focus

The GACD’s calls for applications have a specific focus on implementation research. We have put together a list of some resources that may help you in preparing your proposals, which are available on our Implementation Science page.

Scale-up research proposals: frequently asked questions

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