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Mental health research proposals: frequently asked questions

How do I submit an application for this call?

The members of the GACD are striving towards creating an application process that is as streamlined as possible. To this end, applicants are asked to submit their proposal through a common submission portal. The majority of funders will accept applications submitted through the common portal, but please refer to the individual agency guidance notes for details.

Applicants are advised to read the funding agency specific guidance notes carefully, as you may be required to submit your details on the funding agency’s usual submission system too.

Can I apply if I am from a low- or middle-income country?

Yes. GACD members welcome applications from low- and middle-income countries that meet the specification of the call. If you are from China, India, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil or South Africa you can apply to the GACD member agency in your country, subject to the funding agency in the respective country having launched the call. In addition, Chinese researchers collaborating with Canadian researchers may also apply for co-funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Researchers from other LMICs should apply as part of a team with researchers from one of the GACD member countries where the funding agency is able to fund internationally. Please refer to each individual funding agency’s specific terms above for further information. Please also read Which agency can I apply to? for more information.

Can I apply if I am from a high-income country?

Yes, you should apply to the GACD member agency in your country or form a partnership with researchers from any of the GACD member countries and apply in the respective country. Please bear in mind that in order to be eligible research projects must either be based in low- and middle-income countries or involve vulnerable populations in high-income countries. As above please refer to individual funding agencies for further information.

Which funding agency should I apply to?

Please refer to Which agency can I apply to? for more information. In most cases, if researchers are based in one of the GACD member countries, they should apply for funding from the funding agency in their country. Researchers based in other countries are able to apply for funding from a selection of the GACD funding agencies if they partner with researchers in the respective countries.

Applications submitted to different funding agencies are not in competition against each other. Most funding agencies will take part in a common peer review, but applications for each funder will be reviewed separately.

Can I apply to more than one funding agency?

Applicants may not apply to two different agencies with the same project unless they are applying for co-funding. Co-funding applications must be submitted to all applicable funding agencies. We strongly recommend that you contact us and the relevant funding agencies before submitting your application for further guidance.

Can I be a named researcher on more than one proposal?

Applicants may be named investigators on more than one proposal if the proposed projects are independent of each other.

Where can my research take place?

In most cases, study sites will be located in low- or middle-income countries, unless the research involves specific targeted populations in high-income countries. Some GACD member agencies are able to fund research projects irrespective of whether they will take place in that same member country. Research projects may have study sites in more than one country.

What is the role of the GACD?

The GACD is a unique collaboration of major research funding bodies that seek to address the prevention, control and treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries as well as indigenous and vulnerable populations in high-income countries. The GACD Secretariat is independent and impartial and facilitates joint international calls for proposal and supports funded research projects’ collaboration with other international teams in GACD Research Network.

How much funding is being awarded?

You can find out more about each funding agency’s budget for this call under the funding agency specific information above.

How is this call for applications unique?

Most research projects are conducted through a partnership between investigators from institutions in different countries. The aim of the programme is to build on existing research with an emphasis on implementation science. The funded researchers form a network which meets annually to discuss their research and share experiences. The network also provides an opportunity to develop approaches to standardise data collection, and wherever feasible to use these standardised approaches in the respective projects.

More information on the research network.

Who decides which proposals receive funding?

All funded GACD projects are selected through a rigorous peer review process. In some cases this review follows the usual funding agency process, whereas in some cases several of the GACD member agencies organise their review jointly. Funding decisions are ultimately made by each of the GACD member agencies, and they are the bodies who award and administer all research funds.

Please see our current research projects for examples of previously funded projects.

Who do I contact if I have any further queries?

Please direct all general questions about the GACD mental health call to If your query relates to eligibility and scope of the call, please contact the respective GACD member agencies directly. You can find contact details under the funding agency specific information above.

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