Diabetes DM03, 2014 – 2019

IINDIAGO (Integrated INtervention for DIAbetes rIsk after GestatiOnal diabetes)

An integrated health system intervention aimed at reducing type 2 diabetes risk in disadvantaged women after gestational diabetes in South Africa

Primary research aim

To develop and evaluate a novel health system intervention to reduce the subsequent risk of developing T2D among women with recent gestational diabetes.

Secondary research aim

To identify opportunities and barriers to subsequent scale-up and sustainability within routine, community-based primary health care services.

Research objectives and methodology

  • To assess the feasibility and acceptability of the proposed intervention among both women and healthcare providers and managers, through formative research and evaluation. The formative research, as well as the on-going process evaluation during the trial, will use qualitative methodologies and be based on conceptual and methodological frameworks from health systems and implementation research and will be informed by applied social science models.
  • To develop and implement a novel health system intervention package for women with recent gestational diabetes, that links existing public hospital-based antenatal care with postnatal community-based care at well baby clinics and which incorporates postpartum screening and evidence-based brief behaviour change counselling on the lifestyle risk factors for diabetes.
  • To evaluate the risk for diabetes and its risk factors at baseline and at 12 months post-partum.
  • To assess the process of implementation, including the possible system facilitators and barriers to integrating the intervention into routine, community-based primary healthcare services should the pilot prove successful.
  • To assess the cost-effectiveness of the proposed intervention package.



Research Team

Funding organisations

  • Diabetes DM03
  • South Africa
  • 2014 – 2019

Programme contact
Christina Zarowsky