Diabetes DM10, 2014 – 2016

Development of an interactive social network for metabolic control of diabetic patients

[Desarrollo de una red social interactiva para el control metabolico de los pacientes con diabetes]

Primary research aim

Development of an interactive social network, and use of the internet to try to change behaviors and attitudes of risk in affected Type 2 diabetes community.

Secondary research aims

Get better education level about diabetes in the community, improve care-associated behaviors and self-care.

Research objectives and methodology

  • To create a virtual online community, where people with diabetes can meet other people with the same illness, and with relatives and supporters. We will then seek to have sufficient activity data and maintain community interest to meet their long-term goals.
  • To use “Gamification” to create an emotive and interactive experience. Participants enter their behaviour changes, and thereby improve their activities in the game.
  • To evaluate the results.

Project locations

  • Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
  • San Nicolas de Los Garza, Nuevo Leon
  • Escobedo, Nuevo Leon
  • Apodaca, Nuevo Leon



Research Team



Funding organisations

  • Diabetes DM10
  • Mexico
  • 2014 – 2016

Programme contact
Francisco Gonzalez