Hypertension HT14, 2012 – 2017

Comprehensive approach to hypertension control

Primary research aim

The primary research aim is to test whether a comprehensive intervention program within a national public primary healthcare system will improve hypertension control among uninsured hypertensive patients and their families in Argentina.

Research objectives and methodology

The research objectives are to test whether a comprehensive intervention program will lower blood pressure and improve hypertension control among uncontrolled hypertensive patients over an 18-month period compared to usual care and to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the comprehensive intervention program compared to usual care. A cluster randomized trial design will be used to randomize 18 public primary care clinics to the intervention and control groups. The trial is recruiting 2,000 clinic patients with uncontrolled hypertension, their spouses and hypertensive family members. The 18-month comprehensive intervention program will target the primary care system through health care provider education, a home-based intervention among patients and their families (home delivery of antihypertensive medication, self-monitoring of blood pressure, health education for medical adherence and lifestyle modification) conducted by community health workers and a mobile health intervention.

Current status

As of March 2015, we have successfully completed the recruitment of 1,890 trial participants. The comprehensive intervention program and data collection are ongoing.


Instituto de Efectividad ClĂ­nica y Sanitaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

  • Jiang He
  • Lydia Bazzano
  • Jing Chen
  • Marie Krousel-Wood
  • Adolfo Rubinstein
  • Vilma Irazola

Tulane University, New Orleans, USA:

  • Lizheng Shi


Funding organisations

  • Hypertension HT14
  • Argentina
  • 2012 – 2017

Programme contact
Dr Jiang He