Lung Diseases LD16, 2017 – 2017

An integrated health-sector strategy to combat COPD and asthma in Vietnam: A pragmatic stepped intervention cluster randomized trial

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5 years


Chronic lung disease is a mounting health priority for Vietnam, with over 10% of the population suffering from either COPD or asthma (1, 2), and three out of every four adult males having a history of smoking (3). Evidence-based interventions to prevent (4) and reduce the burden of chronic obstructive lung disease (OLD) (5) are well-established internationally, however such strategies currently reach only a small proportion of the most vulnerable populations in this resource-limited setting. Furthermore, a lack of local evidence has deterred policy-makers from applying these approaches (6).

Aims & objectives

Co-primary objective

(A) To determine the effect of a smoking cessation intervention upon the rate of sustained abstinence among smokers after two years; (B) To evaluate the effectiveness of an integrated SC and ICS intervention upon the proportion of individuals with one or more exacerbations of COPD or asthma within two years of follow-up;

Secondary objectives:

  • To determine the effect of the combined intervention upon all-cause mortality
  • To determine physician and patient compliance with a structured clinical decision algorithm for patients with persistent and/or recurrent respiratory symptoms.
  • To conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of smoking cessation among smokers, and the combined intervention among patients with OLD.
  • To evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of patients and health care workers regarding smoking cessation and ICS use before and after the intervention.
  • To disseminate findings: engaging local and national policy-makers in translating the established protocols into practice and policy.


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Principal Investigator

Gregory Fox, University of Sydney, Australia

Funding organisations

  • Lung Diseases LD16
  • Vietnam
  • 2017 – 2017