Mental Health MH23, 2018 – 2022

Using Peer Support in Developing Empowering Mental health Services (UPSIDES)

UPSIDES will scale-up peer support interventions for people with severe mental illness in high-, middle- and low-resource settings. Peer support is an established intervention involving a person in recovery from mental illness being employed to offer support to others with mental illness. An international community of practice for peer support including peer support workers, mental health researchers, and other relevant stakeholders in Europe, Africa and Asia (8 study sites in 6 countries) will be established. Peer support will be implemented adapted to the local context. Using a mixed-methods approach, the impact of peer support will be rigorously evaluated at the levels of patients, peer support workers, services, and implementation.

Dr. Bernd Puschner

Funding Organisations:
European Commission
Indian Council of Medical Research, India

Germany, United Kingdom, Uganda, Tanzania, Israel, India
2018 – 2022

Funding organisations

  • Mental Health MH23
  • Germany
  • 2018 – 2022