Research Network Presentations
ASM Sao Paolo 2018.

You can access a selection of photos from the meeting here

20181031 SMARTDiabetes in China GACD ASM Smart Diabetes in China
BE WELL GACD rolling presentation BE Well Project
CST International Slide Deck CST International
DM04 CHAP P GACD Slides 2018 CHAPP4 Diabetes
Feel4Diabetes GACD Sao Paolo Feel4Diabetes
FRESHAIR Fresh Air Project
GACD 3 min on U01 Zambia FINAL Zambia Mental Health
GACD 3minute Presentation Final Brazil Mental Health Stigma
GACD 2018 visual presentation Canada China Perinatal Depression
Mexico Somos Diabetes
GACD Brief Description Mishara and Phillips Nov 2018 China and Canada Suicide Intervention
GACD Presentation (Dr. Arun Ravindran) China and Canada Youth Wellbeing
GACD slides RISE 3 minutes FINAL RISE China Mental Health in South Eastern Europe
GACDmeeting2018 finalGACD 182 Japan Workplace Mental Health
GECo Nov 2018 GACD GECO project Lung Health
LMB GACD Nov2018 Australia Diabetes in Pregnancy
Summary VCAPS updated GACD 2018 Mexico Type 2 Diabetes Software
TB & T Slides for GACD TB and Tobacco Siddiqi
UPSIDES GACD 2018 Annual Meeting Sao Paulo UPSIDES Mental Health Using Peer Support to develop empowering Mental Health Services

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