Dr Maria Lazo-Porras is a physician and epidemiologist and has worked as a research scientist in CRONICAS Centre of Excellence in Chronic Disease – Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru for 3 years. Currently, her main interest and work has been in the area of chronic disease, with a special focus on diabetes, lipids and stroke. She works on the GACD project, Implementation of foot thermometry and SMS to prevent diabetic foot ulcer.

What do you hope to achieve through your research?

Through my project I hope to implement a low-cost and easy to use tool, for both patients and caregivers, to prevent the development of foot ulcers in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Tell us a little more about the project you are working on.

In my project, every participant receives a foot thermometer which can detect early signals of risk of ulceration. Half of them, receive SMS and voice messages (mHealth) with reminders to use the thermometer and messages that promote foot care. After one year we will know if the use of thermometer in conjunction with the mHealth intervention is better than the use of the thermometer alone.

Maria Lazo-Porras
Maria Lazo-Porras

How has being part of GACD helped your research?

GACD has given me the opportunity to learn from both senior and younger researchers, about their experiences and projects. I believe this will help me improve my own project’s efforts, especially the mHealth component. It has also motivated me to conduct a more better and more thorough process evaluation.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

In general, I enjoy most of the research process, especially the discussion of new ideas and their implementation – making them real. The vision that these ideas could actually be implemented to help a lot of people in my country and even other parts of the world is very motivating.

Apart from the project, what are your other passions in life?

I love to share time with my family and my friends, spending time at the beach and playing volleyball.

Can you name someone who has inspired you in your life and work?

I think that different people in different moments of my life inspired my life and work. The most important are my family, my friends and my working team. I always try to learn from them.

GACD research project:

DM14: Development and validation of software to provide medical treatment and patient empowerment to type 2 diabetics, through interaction with medical staff and real-time recording

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